Pink Fire Pointer Letter of Forgiveness

Letter of Forgiveness

For over three years, we have not spoken,
Our hearts, so full of the pain we've soaked in.
Resentment, hurt, anger, from the person you chose
Girl we were best friends, sisters, once so close
I often times feel guilty, for introducing you to him,
Vows of friendship broken, to live  life on a whim
Eating away at my heart, this unforgiveness feels so wrong
My best friend, our sister, couldn't trust us to be strong,
Enough of this school shit, the school bells have rung,
Believe me when I say, we were all so silly and young,
Life with the Sky* has been loving and pulled me through,
I couldn't believe the control he had, but we let you do you,
So, I know that I have hurt you, and we'll you hurt me too,
So I ask that you forgive me, and know that I forgive you.

Although I'm out of acronyms one question still lingers,
this one thing that I could never quite grasp with my fingers,
How could you go through all that without your girls, frightened, alone,
with that decision, from that thought process, my mind will forever be blown...
You might have been ashamed, or embarrassed, I get that- I do,
but 3DP was real enough for you know that we would've been there for you...