Pink Fire Pointer Summer Romance- When that phone Rings

Summer Romance- When that phone Rings

It's been over two years since I last felt a crush,
The excitement, the chill, that last little rush.
You know the feeling when your stomach flips,
You begin the tingle,  your heart starts to trip.
The sight of that name on your caller I.D ,
Sends you jumping up and down with excitement or glee.
You tell your girls how different he is and imagine what may come,
From this romance, how you think this may be the one.
The late night phone calls, followed up by that early morning text,
When you've completely forgotten all about your ex.
When you imagine what can be, dreaming of a future…
When you feel like a butterfly, soaring about, smelling the roses,
Flying high, feeling alive, who cares about where them hoes is
You fantasize all day about kissing his lips,
Then when you finally do its even better than you imagined.
The fulfillment of being infatuated, interested, intrigued.
Has you feeling so beautiful, so peaceful, and at ease.
There's is nothing like a summer romance, which begins in spring
That initial shock a woman feels, when his assigned tone goes off, and your blackberry finally rings