Pink Fire Pointer March 2011

I Dream of Louboutins

Each day I fight to take a step closer,
to be something great and unique,
to take a step away from becoming a grocer,
to have people beg for my mystique,
to offer the world my brand,
and they make me a household name,
to give women the power to take a stand,
for my work to be accepted, critically acclaimed,
I dream of Louboutins, I dream of being blessed,
I dream of becoming the next big thing,
I dream to have success.

You made a fool of me

oh how I've been fooled,
to think that you cared,
bamboozled, baffled, at the thought.
You had me so in joy, falling in deep like,
First you give me hope, but  its really sike.
a joke to you I was,
used me for what i could give to you.
rather that be a ride, food, or me.
I feel confused, tricked, that i put my guard down,
my heart was on the table, and you tossed it the the ground.
You fooled me, made a fool of me- over and over again,
When will true love come, when will I win?

A Dreamer

Rather my eyes are closed or wide awake,
for this dream, my heart, breaks.
A walk through this valley, on a search for gold,
in hopes that one day my dreams be told.
To offer the world my brain, thoughts, and world view,
I create a world, a character, so deep in fiction, but true.
To the human life, the conditions we suffer,
from heart break, to success, to find a lover.
I see ice, I see smoke, the future is unclear,
but I keep my mind focus on a dream- not fear.
The words hit the screen, one letter at a time,
and before I know it, a work of art is chime.
It's me, it's what I stand for, without a thought,
one day I will put to work, all the skills I've been taught,
But until that day, my heart shall not sway, this is what I must do,
my destiny, my passion, a story teller I ensue.


Golden trophies, praise,
the time to accept my fate,
A dream, passion, great.