Pink Fire Pointer To the Man of My dreams

To the Man of My dreams

To the man of my dreams:
Every time I close my eyes, all I see is your face,
Even when I open them, I’m caught up in your space.
To dream of a past lover, represents my unwillingness to let go,
You often protect me from what I’m running from, then tell me no.
It’s an unresolved issue, that’s holding me back ,
Some unfinished business, which causes me to lack,
The ability to move on and forward with my life,
But each time I see you in a dream, there’s strife.
Rivalry, conflict, with you and some other chick,
But what’s odd is that place of comfort, in which you represent.
It’s like this spell you have over me, drags me I must say.
I try to avoid my thoughts of you, in my walking life of day,
My eyes close and my body lies to rest ,my spirit jumps up to search for thee.
I need to let go, move on, and the end I must let be,
The end to us, scares me but it’s time to finally cope.
There will never be a me and you, so it’s time to drop the hope.
So to the man who haunts my daily thoughts, and even my slumbering dreams,
I walk beyond the realities of your feelings, and step on all what seems…
From this day foward, I close these doors,
And know that I'll never be your wifey, just another one of your whores...