Pink Fire Pointer February 2011

You Made Me This Way

Men always want to label me, call me angry or bitter,
but it's mighty funny how they forget that they've instill this in her.
I once was a nice girl who believed in love romance,
now I'm just the lonely girl, drinking a glass of cognac.

I would always give my heart to the ones who didn't deserve,
always willing to do whatever they asked then I observed,
that although they were my world, I was nothing to them,
used me for my body, my cooking, heart and even limb.

It's odd cause the ones I never took seriously would always beg for my heart,
then once I gave it to them, a personal vendetta would tear it apart.
So I get tired, grow numb, and frankly I don't give a fuck,
say what's on my mind without a filter, if you can't swallow so chuck,
the truth, the reality, of how they treating me and making me feel,
people always can't handle when you keep it real.

Abuse me, take advantage, I'm only human for getting mad,
I express my hurt, express my feelings, cause I'm not the only one who should be sad,
You've created a monster that you can't handle, heartbroken I must say,
And you want to call me bitter and crazy, well if I am it's because you made me this way.

Fuck You- pay me

I would always be there for you, in hopes you'd do the same,
in an instant I'd jump up, at just the sight of your name,
on my phone, telling me that you're in need,
I come running, to rescue you, in a heartbeat that's indeed.
I'm always willing to help I even stop what I'm doing to bring you lunch,
but you stand me up, don't show up, my heart takes such a punch.
My heart was already broken from the one before,
but I stayed optimistic about us, and readied my heart to restore.
The heartache I once suffered you have no clue,
but the last person I'd expect to play me out was you.
He might have broken my heart, but you stepped on it with a knife,
twisted it, plunged deeper, my heart struggles for life.
don't bother to apologize, your sorry's mean nothing,
think you can use me, abuse me, like a doorknob or something?
I try to be genuine go beyond and above,
but guess I'm not good enough to receive someones love.