Pink Fire Pointer Damn, what happened?

Damn, what happened?

Sometimes I wonder if ill end up alone
Because no one seems to get me.
They take my kindness for weakness
And my strength as a threat
They like to call me crazy, when I haven’t slashed a tire yet
When we both know most were deserving…
Its like I’m always in a battle between being me, and who they want me to be
I want to cater to my man, but hell most men just don’t deserve it
And even when I do, I wound up feeling used,
Mistreated, disrespected, taken for granted, and abused…
It feels like God stopped making real man, they no longer exists,
Too cheap to buy me dinner, but wanna fall into my abyss
Remember those days when a man had his woman’s back,
Treated her with respect, chivalry, romance – alla that?
There was once a time when men worked hard for love, indeed
But bitches these days have made it so easy to get lust, (for free)
Where is our moral fabric? How come so many can’t commit,
Be honest, loyal, loving, without some talk show shit.
And the ones who do wife us up, want us to be a trophy,
“Shut up, look pretty, cuz I bought that, so you owe me”
I definitely like to hold it down, but damn hold me down too!
Be there for me, like I’m always there for you.
Be my lover, my homie, my protector, check those who diss me
I’m looking for a real man to be the Jim Jones to my Chrissy.