Pink Fire Pointer Kiss Me I'm yours

Kiss Me I'm yours

This one goes out to the one that I adore
the one who keeps me smiling, and begging for more,
the one who has the power to make me  smile and laugh,
and in the same moment, makes me shout with wrath,
the one i feel most comfortable around, pressure free
the one who sometimes misjudges the anger in me,
the one I hate to want, and want to hate,
the only one who's smashed, but never been my mate.
This one goes out to the one I most adore,
I love being your friend, but I can't help but want more
the one I get along with, even when I'm mad,
the first one I hit up on the facebook, when I'm sad,
The one who i feel could be  the perfect fit,
the one who's always on some other bullshit,
The one who inspires me to be my greatest self,
as writer, but as his girl, he puts me aside on a shelf,
This one goes out to the one I adore,
the one I would be with, for rich or for poor,
The one who at first sight, melts me- I'm wet,
the one i fantasize about and wake up in a sweat
this one goes out to the one I love to adore,
you can have me at any moment...kiss me I'm yours.