Pink Fire Pointer signs of love

signs of love

Signs of Love:
I never make love the exact same way,
I like to do it different, each time, each day.
I like to take control, watch me put on a show
Costumes, lingerie, music …hey I’m a Leo
I never had a Pisces, never met an Aquarius,
I’ve dated a few signs, but my Kryptonite, was a Sagittarius.
He could get me wetter than a Hawaiian beach,
The way he sucked my tits, was like a Brazilian leech.
I met a few Virgos, who feel themselves too much,
But only my Gemini has had that amazing touch.
I love the way that he made love so soft so gently,
So deep and so thick I could fell every inch inside of me.
I now know the reason why they call them “the twins”,
It’s like having two lovers at one time, that is.
I had an Aries once, had the stamina of a beamer,
But he rushed too often, and was never able to please her.
I attempted to have a Taurus; he was so cocky, but small,
He wiggled around, begging for it like a kid in a mall.
Aw the Cancers, so sensitive, but crazy,
The Libras are too, sexy but lazy.
The Capricorn, so detailed, and irritating he got on my nerves!
But his head game was so crazy, can’t even find the words.
My first lover was a Scorpio, so thick, so long, so mean,
But hands down he was the most creative when it came to pleasing me.