Pink Fire Pointer Poem: Damaged Goods

Poem: Damaged Goods


My heart may still beat for love but my mind knows better.
I may get lonely at night, craving to have someone hold me,
But then I remember what it feels like to be “in love”
The heart ache, the tears, the continuous torture…
Feeling disrespected, unwanted and rejected,
Like I’m never good enough, even when I give my all
I want to trust and believe in love and relationships,
But I know not to believe anything they tell me,
I don’t feel like dealing with the disloyalty or the lying
I know it’s better to be alone, cause ill just end up crying
My mind would stay focused, my eyes would stay dry
I can’t afford to get hurt again; my heart would just die,
Shall I hold others responsible for the damaged caused,
I can’t believe that my heart’s innocence has been lost.
But I have so much love to give, holding him down is what I do,
Have I been so broken by love, or was that “love” untrue?