Pink Fire Pointer Redbull & Vodka

Redbull & Vodka

Redbull and Vodka:
One sip of this love, I’m hyper and I must dance,
You undo my skirt, and I unzip your pants.
You get me so high, my body’s full of energy
It’s so good I feel every inch inside of me.
 Your touch is like a shot of the goose,
 I can’t help it I just wanna get loose.
With the thickness of the juice, floating down my throat,
I gobble and I swallow, with one large and loud gulp.
The combination of the two is an explosive mix,
Not supposed to happen, but it makes me wanna do tricks.
I can take it hot, and I can take it cold,
Hold the ice, freeze the cup, because I wanna be told.
The sweet bitterness trickling down my lips,
I can feel the ecstasy deep down in my hips.
I’m going wild, with excitement from this Chemical reaction
The truth serum I’m taking in, I scream, there’s no acting
You give me wings, make me fly, boy I got ya
You remind me of redbull and vodka…