Pink Fire Pointer Drake's Black Robusto Porter and Jeremy Porter's Partner in Crime

Drake's Black Robusto Porter and Jeremy Porter's Partner in Crime

Ya know, some things are just perfect together and the Porter that I have in my glass is going great with the Porter coming out of my speakers.  Here's a bit of more on both of those -

Drake's Brewing Company Black Robusto Porter

From the Drake's Brewing Website - "Drake's Brewing Company is an urban craft brewery operating from the former powerhouse of a long-gone Caterpillar plant in San Leandro, California."  The brewery started in 1989 and has a nice selection of 10 year round beers and many seasonal brews.  I've chosen a 22 oz. bottle of the Black Robusto Porter and here is the propaganda from the webiste

"Drake’s Black Robusto Porter is a deep, dark “Robust Porter,” a beer style known for being darker, fuller-bodied, and higher in alcohol by volume than a standard Brown Porter. Our Black Robusto goes down smoothly with flavors of bittersweet chocolate an slight roast from Crystal and Chocolate malt. A touch of spicy, herbal hop character from Willamette hops balance out the finish. Enjoy a pint with dark, lingering satisfaction."

Upon pouring, you notice the dark as night color and the creamy tan three finger head.  The first taste is of  roasted malt, then a stream of coffee, chocolate and a bit of cherry materialize.  Smooth as silk, very easy to drink and nice to see a dense web of lace left on the glass.

Jeremy Porter and the Tucos - Partner in Crime

Yes - a copy of Jeremy Porter's new album can be yours.  Jeremy was kind enough to send me a few copies to give to the kind listeners to the show.  Listen to tomorrow's show and about half way in, I'll let you know how to secure a free copy of the album.

Now, I have played a few songs from the album already on the show, but I haven't played my favorite from the album, the title track - Partner In Crime.  A close second for me are the one-two punch of the first 2 songs - Castaways  - Little Miss Awesome.  This is one of those albums that I'll be listening to months from now and my favorites will have evolved into a completely different direction, as the songs will have soaked into my conscious and revealed their power.  So - get yourself a copy - from my little giveaway or directly from Jeremy at Jeremy Porter and the Tucos.  If you are an iTtunes user, it is available there as well.  If you are a Replacements fan - I would not hesitate,  Yes - this is the Paul Westerberg solo album that you have been waiting for.