Pink Fire Pointer I Wonder Who You Are

I Wonder Who You Are

As days go by I wonder,
where are you?
who could you be?
Do you look how I imagine?
Are your eyes big and brown?
Lips as full as mine?
will you be able to always make me smile
even when I'm mad at you.
Will you understand my sarcastic jokes,
my bluntness and my strength
or will you try to tear me down 
just like the rest of them?

Will you inspire me to do better,
even when I'm discouraged?
Or will you be quick to tear me down
when you think I'm too happy with who I am?
Will you support me when its time to make decisions
Or will you be the one to block my dreams and visions?
I imagine that if you truly exist you'll accept me as I am,
You'll never try to change me, only help me evolve
you'll be my strength, you'll be my rock, you'll be my all