Pink Fire Pointer To the One I Call Kryptonite

To the One I Call Kryptonite

I heard that if a man really wants to be with you, he'll make it happen...
well it's been over three years and still nothing,
it's like you use me, and make fun to your friends, I can almost here the laughing
I've waited for you, to open your eyes and tell me that I'm worthy
of your love, of your friendship, and everything between, something
I often times swear you off, but within no time I'm back hyptnotized
by you lips, your chest, and the way that you look at me, melts me from the eyes
I always claim to be the paperclip to your magnet automatically dawn to you,
but today is the day that I've had enough and i think you've had enough time too
so today I put on my wonder woman suit i am no longer crestfallen to your powers,
that desire, that fire, that once drove me crazy in moments of passion for hours
I dreamed of your evil twin, that deceived me in love and now its finally true,
you had me thinking all this time that I was never good enough for you.
Within these past few weeks its all become so clear,
I try to draw you in to me, but your heart is never quite near
I belch it out, I'm over it, I'm done, I purge you out of my system, you see
and now its finally become clear that you are not the one for me.