Pink Fire Pointer A Dreamer

A Dreamer

Rather my eyes are closed or wide awake,
for this dream, my heart, breaks.
A walk through this valley, on a search for gold,
in hopes that one day my dreams be told.
To offer the world my brain, thoughts, and world view,
I create a world, a character, so deep in fiction, but true.
To the human life, the conditions we suffer,
from heart break, to success, to find a lover.
I see ice, I see smoke, the future is unclear,
but I keep my mind focus on a dream- not fear.
The words hit the screen, one letter at a time,
and before I know it, a work of art is chime.
It's me, it's what I stand for, without a thought,
one day I will put to work, all the skills I've been taught,
But until that day, my heart shall not sway, this is what I must do,
my destiny, my passion, a story teller I ensue.